An episode guide to Alley Oop by V. T. Hamlin

The pre NEA daily began 5 DEC 32 and ran for 120 strips, reprinted by SPEC Productions in issues 0, 2, 4, and 13.  The NEA daily began 7 AUG 33, the Sunday full page began 9 SEPT 34.  Dragon Lady Press reprinted the dailies through 27 JAN 34, then Comics Revue picked up the story, followed by SPEC, Kitchen Sink, and Manuscript Press.

Daily stories

1933: Dinny, The Cardiff Giant, Baby Dinny DP

1934: War with Lem,


1935: Invasion of Moo, Swept Away

King Foozie

1936: Dinny vs. the Wizer, Sawala

1937: Chief Bighorn, The Eternal Triangle, The

Wizer’s Magic, The Gals Take Over

1938: Mootoo, Kakky, Zel

1939: Foozy Weds, The Time Machine, Troy,


1940: The Magic Belt,


1941: Pirates, Foozie in 1941,

King John

1942: Robin Hood, Back to Moo,


Eeny Again

1943: Foozie’s Sons, The War Effort,

Archimedes, China

1944: Gorillas, The Magic Belt Changes Hands,

Solomon, King Oop of Lem

1945: Wonmug in Moo, Old China and Japan,

Vacation, Pirate Oop, Whiskers                                         

1946: Picklepuss Dill, Cro-Mags, Assistant King

1947: Glory Gulch Gold, Nitro for Napoleon,

Piarte Waters, The Bashaw’s Pleasure,

Robinson Crusoe,

Public Enemy Number One

1948: The Fourth Dimension,

The Great Migration, The Mighty Hu,

The Sphinx,

Prince Pokababa Woos Ooola,

The War Between Moo and Lem

1949: Oop Woos Princess Zee,

Pretenders to the Thrones,


Sunday stories

1934: Dinosaur Hunters, Wootie’s Reflection,

Foozie’s Plans, Fights

1935: Natural Bridge, Warrior Women,

King Oop

1936: Traders

1937: Crocodiles, The Big Fight, Foozy’s Terry,


1938: Circus, Kings, The Pit, Cops, Football

1939: Doc Wonmug, Return to Moo,


1940: Eneas, Amazons, Cleopatra,

200,000,000 B.C.

1941: Return to Egypt, Pirates,

 Denny and the Knights

1942: Attempt on the Future

The Invisible Warrior, Japs

 Cameraman in Moo, Hollywood

1943: Atlantis, The Haunted House,

Florida Vacation

1944:  The Shrinking Formula

Crummystone Manor

1945: Perpetual Motion, Cimbrians,

The Blue Horse

            Atlantis: Sunday and daily

 1946: Oop in the Lab, Arabian Nights, Santa

1947: Witch of the Red Tower,

Antarctica, Ham the Hermit,

Feud With Oscar, Steam Shovel,


1948:  Dragon

The Story of the Time Machine


The Dragon in Moo, Paint

Bronson the Magician


Combined daily and Sunday stories

            Land of Flowers, First Trip to the Moon,  The Grand Wizer’s Curse

Daily Stories

1950: On Stage, Satyrs and Amazons,

Oscar in Moo, Tiger Hunt,

            The Wizer’s Beads, Caesar’s Legions, Richard the Lion Heart

These episode guides are a work in progress.

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