An episode guide to the Batman comic strip.

Batman and Robin Sunday and daily 1943 – 1946 all reprinted by DC & Kitchen Sink

Writers: Bill Finger, Al Schwartz, Don Cameron, Jack Schiff

Pencils: Bob Kane, Jack Burnley, Fred Ray, Dick Sprang

Inks: Charles Paris, Win Mortimer, Stan Kaye

Daily 1 NOV 1943 – 2 NOV 1946 157 weeks Sunday 7 NOV 1943 – 27 OCT 1946 156 Sundays
1943: What a Sweet Racket BF, BK, CP The Penguin’s Crime-Thunderstorm ??, BK, ??

The Secret of Cap’n Plankton’s Ghost BF, BK, CP
1944: The Phantom Terrorist BF, BK, CP Jesse James Rides Again BF, JB, CP

The Joker’s Symbol Crimes BF, BK, CP The Undersea Bank Bandits BF, JB, CP

The Secret of Triangle Farm DC, BK, CP Liquid Gold, BF, JB, CP

The Missing Heir’s Dilemma AS, BK/JB, CP Cap’n Alfred, BF, JB, CP

The Two-Bit Dictator of Twin Mills AS, BK, CP The Mardi Gras Mystery BF, JB, CP

Death Row’s Innocent Resident BF, JB, CP

An Attic Full of Art BF, JB, CP

There Was a Crooked Man BF, JB, CP
1945: Bliss House Ain’t the Same JS, BK, CP Holy Smoke! BF, JB, CP

The Karen Drew Mystery JS, JB, CP The English Sassiety Skkoit BF, JB, CP

Their Toughest Assignment AS, BK, CP Rustling on a Reservation BF, JB, CP

The Warning of the Lamp AS, BK, CP The Gopher: King of the Underworld! BF, JB, CP

An Affair of Death AS, JB/BK, CP The Tale of the Tinker Diamond, BF, BK, CP

A Pretty Amnesiac, AS, JB, CP

Devil’s Reef, AS, JB, CP

One week introduction: "Who Are They", 25-30 OCT 45 ??, BK, CP Gotham’s Cleverest Criminal AS, JB, CP

Alfred Claus AS, JB, CP

Twelvetoes AS, JB, CP
1946: A Change of Costume JS, DS, SK Oswald Who? AS, JB, CP

The News That Makes the News AS,BK,CP Hotel Grandeur AS, JB, CP

Ten Days to Live! AS, BK, CP Catwoman’s Grasshopper Chase AS, JB/FR, CP

Acquitted by Iceberg AS, BK, CP Half Man – Half Monster BF, JB, WM

Deadly Professor Radium BF, BK, CP The Curse of the Four Fates! BF, JB, CP

Tire Tread Deathtrap AS, JB, CP

From Joe Desris’s excellent introduction to the first book of daily reprints: "…this newspaper strip, Batman and Robin, … has important historical significance: It is the last large body of work that Batman creator Bob Kane penciled completely solo…and it contains stories by all of the significant writers from the first five, formative years of the feature’s history: Don Cameron, Bill Finger, Jack Schiff and Alvin Schwartz."

Batman and Robin
Walter Gibson, Sunday only, 1953 See the DC and Kitchen Sink Sunday reprint for fragments and info.

Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder Sunday & daily, 1966-1968 (Sunday ends) – 1974 (daily ends)

Writers: Whitney Elsworth, E. Nelson Bridwell

Artists: Shelly Moldoff, Joe Giella, Carmine Infantino, Al Plastino>/td>
Daily 30 MAY 1966 – 3 JAN 1972
Sunday 29 MAY 1966 – MAY 1969

1966: Catwoman WE, SM A Penguin With Shark Teeth WE, SM

Joker on Parole WE, SM Nasty Napoleon WE, SM/CI/JG

Jolly Roger WE, JG Batchap & Bobbin WE, JG

Sunday and daily

Poison Ivy WE, JG
The Collector WE, JG

Batgirl WE, JG

Pretty Boy Floy WE. JG

Zodiac WE, JG
Superman’s Missing Powers WE, AP

Aqua-Batman WE, AP

Plastic Surgery WE, AP Sunday ends July 13 or 20.

The daily strip continued, written by Ellsworth until July 1970 and then by Bridwell, drawn by Plastino through Jan. 1, 1972, with Nick Cardy assisting on the art toward the end. A new artist and writer took over the strip on January 3, 1972. Batman disappeared from the strip, although Bruce Wayne continued as a character. The strip featured a hero called Galexo until it ended in 1974.

Batman Sunday & daily,1989 – 1991, all reprinted in Comics Revue #47 - #67

Writers: Max Collins, William Messner Loebs

Artists: Marshall Rogers, Carmine Infantino, John Nyberg
1989: Nov 6 Catwoman MC, MR
1990: Jan 2 The Penguin WML, CI&JN

Apr 8 The Joker WML, CI&JN

Aug 12 Two Face WML, CI&JN

Oct 29 Robin WML, CI&JN
1991: Feb 4 Riddler WML, CI&JN

May 6 The Mad Hatter WML, CI&JN ends Aug 3, 1991

These episode guides are a work in progress.

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